Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay anything to obtain a job through HR Direct Services?

There are no fees for applying or attaining a job with HR Direct Services.

If you are interested in finding a job, please click here to complete an online application or contact the HR Direct office closest to you. Our team will be pleased to hear from you!


Can I submit a resume or a general application, or do I need to apply for a particular position?

You are welcome to email us at In order for a recruiter to source a position for you, you must first apply with HR Direct Services. Depending on your qualification or position you are applying for, we may require additional documentation and or testing. Our dedicated recruiters will help answer any questions you may have.


What kinds of jobs do you have available?

Even though our jobs may vary from day to day, we have an array of positions available. We range from warehousing associates to managerial positions and administrative roles as well.


Do you have any jobs near where I live?

We might! You can contact the office closest to you and speak with a recruiter.


What is the process for applying for a job with HR Direct Services?

The simplest way to learn about job and career opportunities at HR Direct Services is to give us a call or come into one of our offices.

We care a lot about finding the right fit for job candidates and the companies that hire them. We want to make sure you have the qualities a particular client is looking for, while also making sure the specific job meets your personal requirements.


How long does a job or job assignment last?

We have several options when it comes to the duration of the assignment. We range from project base short term to long-term positions.


When I get a job through HR Direct Services, am I officially an employee of HR Direct Services or the company where I report to work each day?

You will officially become an HR Direct Services employee. You will report to your dedicated assignment. Our recruiters will ensure that you have all the details of your assignment in order for you to succeed.


Do you offer benefits such as health insurance?



What if I have another question?

Please contact us at 909-466-6090 or