Payroll Information


As an employee through HR Direct Services, we have various payroll options, and you can choose what works best for you!

You will be able to receive a weekly paycheck, as opposed to the typical biweekly pay. We know that, for some, weekly pay is extremely helpful!

We provide two payment options: live checks or direct deposit.

In order to enroll in direct deposit:

  • Provide paperwork from your bank (Your bank already knows what direct deposit is: they will not give HR Direct Services your personal information. Only your name and routing number will be shared.)
  • Fill out HRD Internal paperwork at your local branch.
  • All tax forms are in the initial application process.
  • Your W-4 and I-9 forms are included in your HRD internal application.


Depending on the client that you work for, Holiday Pay, Vacation Time and Paid Time Off may be available to you! Make sure to ask our recruiters when you apply!

After working for 90 consecutive days, you are eligible for 24 hours of sick pay per year.


We currently have a new marketing strategy with our payroll and marketing department that allows you to get paid to post! Read below for more information!

As an active associate, you can earn some extra cash by posting content related to HR Direct Services!


  • Must be an active associate with HRD
  • Must be following our Instagram page
  • Minimum of 300 followers
  • 1 post per 30 day period
  • .05 cents per follower
  • Post must have a positive message about HRD
  • Hashtag template must be used for all postings